• Avoid Being A Sucker

    Don't accept a sales pitch without a HPI check in your hand!

  • Avoid Headaches

    Get a HPI Check on your next auto purchase to stop yourself from purchasing a lemon

  • Interested in a Used Car?

    Make sure to check it's legal vehicle background to avoid all problems.

Welcome To HPICheckFree

As a service to all people searching for free HPI checks for their interest in a used car we created this site. We have scoured the web for the best deals, up to date information, and even alternatives to HPI's vehicle background checking services.

As most people search for hours on end to find the best HPI checking service, we thought it would be extremely convenient to bring factual information all in one are for consumers to find easily. We will review all new HPI checking services, tell you used car buying tips, and even aid in finding insurance for your new car purchases.

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Quick and Easy

HPI vehicle history checks provide an instant look into your vehicle's recorded past.


HPI checks and alternative checks have little to no cost or are provided by the dealer.

Instant Valuation

HPI checks provide potential buyers and sellers with insight into the estimated current market value of the vehicle.

How It Works

By providing the reg number of the vehicle you will be able to get instant documentation for the vehicle in question.

Prevent Headaches

By checking the vehicle you are looking to buy, you will be able to find whether it has any financial issues, has sustained damage, is stolen, or much more.

Need Help?

Check out our blog posts or head over to our contact page should you have any questions that we have not answered. We want to make your used car buying process as easy as possible.

Our Recent Posts

Are You Looking For a Free HPI Check? Although there is not a free HPI Check done by HPI Ltd. we have compiled all of the necessary information about buying used cars and even low cost alternatives for HPI checks.

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